Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Made My Day

Today I learned that I can take pictures off from my cell phone and put them onto my computer. That just made my day. We didn't expect for Brenna to be born while I was at the hospital (which was an hour away from home) so we didn't have a camera w/ us. I took like six pictures with my cell phone and then my husband went to get a disposable. The disposable pictures were horrible. I hate even looking at them. They just came out all wrong. It always bothered me that we only had one "good" picture of her. Then I got the pics off my phone and they are awsome. I am so glad I have them. Suprisingly, my cell phone took better pics then the "camera". Thank you Motorola!

These two are my favorites. You can see how tiny she was, but she was perfect.

I really miss her.


Lissa Lane said...

She's absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I do some photo retouching if you want to scan the disposable camera pictures and I can see what I can do to them if you want

His Wife said...

I dont want to dredge up bad memories. I was just wondering how far along you were when you miscarried. I hope I'm not causing you any extra pain by asking. Take care of yourself. Brenna is a very beautiful and perfect baby.

Holli said...

I was a few days short of 20 weeks. You aren't bringing up bad memories. This whole blog is about her. I honestly appreciate it when people ask about her.

Brooke said...

Oh how wonderful!
I wish I could discover more photos of caden. What a wonderful gift to have more beautiful pictures of your beautiful girl :)