Baby Loss

Having a stillborn child was the single most traumatic event in my life. It was especially hard because, for me, it came out of no where. We never saw it coming. In most cases, no one does.

One thing I was so thankful for are the pictures I have of my daughter. It seems morbid, but trust me, there will be a time you want those pictures. You will regret not having any of your child. Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep is a wonderful organization that will come in and take pictures of your baby. They will come in before or after your child passes away. There is no cost for this service, and the portraits are amazing.

If you find yourself with a diagnosis for your baby, or if you have suffered the loss of a child and are looking for grief support, I suggest you visit First Candle. They are a national non-profit group who's goal is to eliminate stillbirth and SIDS.

Finally, if you suffered a ruptured uterus, as I did, I invite you to visit the Uterine Rupture Support Group on yahoo groups. You will have to have a yahoo account to join this group, and you must be a member to participate in this group, but it is a very supportive group of women who know what it's like to suffer this traumatic event.