Monday, April 21, 2008

This bitch has balls!

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant my brother's ex told him she was pregnant. I've never thought very highly of her, but I hoped for the best. From the very beginning I suspected she was faking the pregnancy to keep him around. I told him that and he got offended, so we didn't really talk about her and the "baby" much after that.

Today, that bitch had the nerve to call my brother and tell him their baby died and she had to go to the hospital and deliver it. I immediately felt terrible because I had thought all along that she was faking, and all the old feelings of loosing my baby just 6 weeks ago came flooding back. Then the stories started. She told my brother that she had to leave the high risk hospital she was at to go to the community hospital. She actually told him that they induced her w/ pitocin and then had her mom come pick her up and drive her to the other (smaller) hospital. She also told him that there was still hope because babies born at 16 weeks live all the time (don't we wish?). She then said that when she got to the other hospital they wouldn't admit her there because her doctor doesn't have privileges there, so she was going to deliver at her doctors office. Seriously.

I told my brother she was full of it, and he relayed the message to her. Would you believe this crazy bitch had the nerve to call me and try to convince me she was telling the truth! Knowing I just lost a child less than two months ago! I went ape shit on her and told her exactly what I thought of her. I ended up saying, "I know you are lying because no women giving birth to a dead baby would be sitting on the phone with me while in labor" and that pushed her over the edge. She spent the next two hours sending me text messages. She is totally off her rocker. I thank God that she isn't carrying my niece or nephew because crazy runs in her family.

Can you believe the nerve of this chick? I am still so pissed off by it all. The best part is she never once said anything about the "baby" she just kept telling me she was hurt I called her a liar. Then she got mad and started calling me all kinds of names and other things which were just ridiculous. I don't know where he found her, but he needs to stay away from that one.

So anyway, that was my day. Comforting my brother over a deadbaby that never existed, and laughing over the stupid crap his girlfriend texted me.


Shay said...

Sorry to hear about this psycho. This is the last thing you need to be subjected to.
Stay strong mama!

Kristi said...

Whoa! Other than that, I'm truly at a loss for words... and that's rare for me!

Kira said...

OMG that's HORRIBLE! Oh, I don't know you but I just want to hug you. :( I sincerely hope you ripped a strip off her up one side and down another. What a self-centered little... There are no words. I hope your brother clears the crazy-fog out of his head and wises up.