Tuesday, January 13, 2009


2009 is really messing with me. Good one day, crap the next. Today I got my car stuck in the snow. What fun. Also, my husband thinks my car is leaking transmission fluid. Not what I wanted to hear.

Aside from that things are OK. My new job is spectacular! I really like it. I am going to be taking down the pictures on the right (so if you want to remember what we look like- take a good long look!). I work with the public a lot, and I'm not sure how I would feel if one of my clients ran across this blog. I'd like to keep this part of my life mine- you know what I mean?

Other than that nothing very exciting has been happening. I had to cancel my appointment with my OB, because it was on my first day of the new job. So I will be going next week. I am kind of nervous as to what he will say. That will be when my hubby and I will have to have a serious baby talk. If we are not going to have anymore babies one of us is going to have to get snipped. I for one have had too much surgery, and I refuse to have my tubes tied. I say he's the one who doesn't want babies- he's the one to get the surgery.

Remember the Vasectomy Debate? My husband told me he wouldn't have the surgery because, "We can't risk a malfunction". I am dead serious. Even as I type those words I still laugh because I can't believe he said something so ridiculous. It still boggles my mind why he doesn't trust the doctor to put a tiny cut in his "family jewels" but thinks it's perfectly OK that he cuts me open! I just don't understand his logic.

I'm not pressing for a vasectomy, however. I'm waiting until March, and if the babymaking is still a no go, then we will talk vasectomy. I'm 32, he's 48. I don't want another surprise baby 5 or 10 years down the road.

PS- Go visit No Swimmers and share in her complete joy. She just got a BFP after loosing her twin girls.

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