Thursday, January 29, 2009


I ordered a necklace with a letter B charm. I finally came today, and when I opened it I showed it to my girlfriend. She said, "Why did you get a B?" I tried to be nice when I said, "For my baby!" But I could tell she was really embarassed. It was like she forgot or something. I brushed it off. But it bothered me. Why the hell do you think I ordered a B? Have you already forgotten?

The funeral for my husband's cousin is going to be on Thursday. This will be the sixth funeral I have been to in less than eleven months. It has gotten so bad that I have a couple "funeral outfits". When a funeral comes up I already have a black outfit picked out. Wow. That is depressing.


Kristi said...

So pretty! I'm sorry that your friend didn't 'get it'. I have several like that. We still love 'em it's just hard do deal with the ignorance sometimes. ((hugs))

Foreverloves said...

What a beautiful necklace. It's sad when people forget. It's happened to me numerous times. And being pregnant again makes it worse. It's almost like being pregnant again means I've forgotten my sons. SO not true!