Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Uterus is a Bitch

Yes, my uterus never stops fucking up my life. First I have month long periods, then cramps so bad I can't walk, then it kills my baby (tried to kill me), the fun never stops.

Yesterday no one was home so I thought it would be a good day to move all the furniture and clean the carpets. I didn't try to move the couches because I figured they would be too heavy for me, and sometimes my incision still hurts. I didn't want to push it. I did move a chair, and some other things but nothing really super heavy.

By them time I went to bed my fricking uterus hurt so bad I could hardly walk. I had to curl in the fetal position because that is the only way it would stop hurting. Seriously, it felt like contractions, only it didn't come and go, it was just one long pain.

This morning my husband asked me if I was OK, he said I looked peaked. I wasn't in pain anymore, but I did sneeze and I thought my uterus fell out. Right now I have mild pain, but I don't why.

I have been "blessed" with a high pain tolerance. Honestly, after I was cut open all I took when I got home was motrin. It hurt, probably the worst pain in my life, I'd have to say probably worse than natural, unmedicated childbirth. But, I don't even remember the pain. I have a bad habit of ignoring my body's signal that there is something wrong (pain), because I can keep on functioning. It's more like a curse than a blessing.

I am going to call my doctor tomorrow. I think everything is fine, but I want to be extra cautious.

Even though I hate my uterus, I want to keep her.


Aunt Becky said...

You poor dear! Let me know what the doctor says!

Kelly Hunt said...

I know your pain sorta.. I am a friend of Robin Matthews.. I too lost a child but the only difference he was 2 months short of 6 when him and his father were killed 18 yrs ago. I just want you to know you arent alone and pain lessens but it just never goes away. She will always be a part of you and yourself.There wont be a day she wont cross your mind or heart. She will always be in your soul. She will be your sunshine, the wind on your face and the butterfly you see flying around in the spring and in the winter she will be that one special snowflake.
Please know you arent alone nor will you ever be.. it just feels that way.
Kelly Wheeler Hunt in AZ
ps I love your tat I have one on my ankle in memory of my son as well...

mrsmuelly said...

Okay, that sounds quite painful. Did you call the doc?

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