Thursday, July 10, 2008

My Luck Is Changing

I feel like my luck is changing. Life has been shitty for me lately, not only with the deadbaby thing, but life in general. I think it's changing. I've never been one to believe in "luck". Which is funny because as a child I would spend hours scouring our yard for four leaf clovers.

I never found one.

Today my husband and son were picking raspberries from our garden and I noticed that a fallen tree that we had cut down last summer had a little garden growing in it.

Then my eye fell on it. A four leaf clover. I am embarassed to say that I got excited. I felt like a little kid. I must have spend half my childhood looking for one of those little bastards. It only took 31 years, but I finally found one. My luck must be changing.

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