Monday, July 7, 2008

How do you say Thank You?

Sometimes thank you isn't enough. Sometimes you don't know what else to say. I know I mentioned how touched I was when my younger brothers got together and bought us tickets to my favorite band. We went, and had a really great time. I told them thank you, but I just don't feel like that thank you expressed how much it truly, truly meant to me. They are boys, and they are younger than me, so they don't know what to say to me. I know that was their way of telling me they loved me. It meant so much to me. (Here's a pic of us at the concert- we had such a good time).

Also, my husband called the funeral home today because we still haven't received a bill. The funeral director says, "Well, I'm not sending you one" What? THEY ARE DOING IT FOR FREE! Can you believe that? They even donated the casket to us. Speechless. I was speechless, and let me tell you that is a rarity! My husband told them he didn't feel comfortable not paying for anything, and the funeral director said he wouldn't even consider making money off from such a tragedy. Our family has went there before (for my mother in law's funeral) and we know him because he sits on a committee with my husband, but I still never thought he would do this for us.

Thank you just isn't enough.


Aunt Becky said...

It's stuff like this that renews my faith in humanity

Kristi said...

What a wonderful blessing! I know I was so very thankful that a local funeral home donated their services when we had Eli cremated. I was shocked but it was such a wonderful gift. I'm glad you guys had fun at the concert too!

Christy from Thank You Notes said...

What an incredible gestures of kindness, and you're an incredible person to be able to write and feel gratitude in such difficult times. If you need any words for funeral thank you notes, I have them posted for free on my site. Thank you for this beautiful post and reminder of how kind the world can be.

Breanna and Dave said...

WOW that is wonderful! its people like that who are hard to find in the world. that is so sweet.

Anonymous said...

its so nice to see there are still some good left in this world. Kelley's creamation was free as well. I just had to get her PINK urn of course. I fought my husband on that pink urn... anyways take care
Hugs Julie