Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Was Misdiagnosed.

I happened upon an article about ectopitc pregnancy. Even though I wasn't looking for it I read it, and I instantly got upset. It seems that I experience every symptom of an ectopic pregnancy, but was never diagnosed. Instead my doctor said my bleeding and pain was because I had a low laying placenta. Really? How could it be low if it was in my fallopian tube, and hello? they are located at the top of the uterus! I can remember going to the doctor in the beginning of my pregnancy because I actually thought I was having a miscarriage. I was bleeding clots and in so much pain I couldn't drive myself to the office. I know now I was having classic ectopic symptoms. I had four ultrasounds (not counting the one the night of my surgery) and went to the doctor at least 10 times. They could only find the heartbeat on the upper right corner of my uterus, right under my rib cage. I remember thinking that wasn't normal, and my doctor didn't think so either, but he didn't look into it. When I was in the hosptial they made me wait 5 hours while they operated on someone else. Meanwhile I was bleeding to death and ended up needing 5 pints of blood. Oh, and let's not forget the beautiful scar I am left with.

I'm am so not the suing type. It never even occured to me to sue. But I am forever physically and mentally scarred, and will probably never carry another baby. Not to mention the pain and suffering my family has went through, especially my son. He is still in counsoling. If they had caught this in the beginning, things would be much different. I don't know if there was anything they could have done to save her, but now I will never know.

At first I was just so happy to be alive, and thankful to my doctor for saving me. Now I'm pissed that they didn't diagnose me, because it is their fault that this happened to me. I put my faith in them 100% and they totally let me down.

Really, all I want is another baby. If I could sue for that I would.


CLC said...

How frustrating for you! This experience has opened my eyes to the medical community. While there are many good doctors out there, I think there are just as many bad ones. I am sorry you ended up with a bad one.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry for your lose. I have experienced 3 ectopic pregnancies. The last one I still wonder if it was an ectopic pregnancy. I had no signs other than the ultra sound tech seen some fluid around my tube. My hcg levels doubled. No bleeding, or pain. If I were you I'd sue. I find away. I've had three surgeries never has my scar looked like that. Yes my insicion is about 6 inches but it's along my bikini line. THe first two ectopic pregnanies were very bad. I had been bleeding for 7-10 days. They had to go in and remove each pregnancy. Supposely the last one was at the very end of my tube. Please consider suing because what they did is just horrible and illegal.