Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's In Your Phone?

Just for shits and giggles we are going to play a game. It's a game I found on another blog, while browsing blogland in sheer and utter boredom from being snowed in. If you would like to play along, click on the picture on the left.

So, here is What's On MY Phone:

This is a ringtone someone sent me.

This is me and three of my brother's last November. We were out celebrating my husband's birthday. It's actually the night I got pregnant with Brenna.

I still keep a picture of the pregnancy test I took in a Wal.mart bathroom. I was so shocked that I took a picture of the test because I couldn't believe it was real.

My step-daughter got married 11 days before Brenna died. This is pregnant me trying on dresses for her wedding. I took a picture because I just coudn't decide. (I know you totally love the socks with the dress!)

Pictures of Brenna when she was born. I didn't know that my phone would take such good pictures. I sent my husband out to buy a disposable (which took HORRIBLE pictures). We were so far from home, and didn't have a camera. I cherish these pictures that my phone took, and will have a hard time buying a new phone because they are on it.

This is my son and grandson this summer playing outside.

This is when I was having a particularly craptastic day. I was driving and it was raining and I literally drove out of the rain. I took this picture with my cell phone. I blogged about it here.

Remember my friend who's fiance died? We read he died on Janis Joplin's birthday. Later that same day, we went out for lunch (day after his funeral) and right outside the bathroom was this sign. I just had to take a picture.

My pet pig.

I'm not sure if this one really counts because it's actually a picture I took of a picture on my computer. But it's my husband and I, last Halloween. I'm Gilligan- he's the skipper!


Brenna's Mom said...

In case the link won't work here's the blog I got it from:


Nutty mom-- said...

Thanks for playing! Yeah I was bored too :) The picture of Brenna.....WOW, powerful!

Mrs. Spit said...

In addition to the beautiful wee one, I adore the pig. I've always wanted one!