Monday, December 1, 2008


I wanted to share this site with you. I am in no way affiliated with it, but it has some fantastic gifts for someone who is missing a baby this holiday season.

I also wanted to give you something for Christmas. So, I've decided to give away personalized DVD's to three of you. These usually cost $100 each! I will make them for you and mail them to you for free! All you have to do is email me the pictures you would like to use and tell me what songs you would like (or I can pick them out!). Below are a few examples of videos that I have made. I can make whatever kind you would like. Usually I make several different videos like those below, and put them together on one DVD. They make the greatest presents! (Please keep in mind that you will be emailing me the photos. I can use up to 200 pictures, so you will probably want to have high speed Internet access). I will burn an image and title directly on the DVD. It's not a paper label. I wish I had a photo to show you, but I don't sorry. You'll just have to trust me. :) Also, US mailing addresses only please.

How do you get this you ask? Send me an email. I have set up an email specifically for this. Tomorrow at 7 pm (my time) I will use a random number generator to pick 3 numbers. If you are that number email, you will get the present! (After I am done I'm going to delete the emails, I don't want you to think I'm going to send you spam or sell your addresses. I'm not.)

The email address I have set up is

Merry Christmas, friends. And thanks for reading.

Part of a video I made for my stepdad's retirement.

My son.

Part of a memorial video for my husband's aunt.

Part of a family video.

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