Monday, October 27, 2008


Update on Jenell and her twins. She's still pregnant!!! Yay!

Last I heard they were doing something to take some fluid off hoping her bag of waters would go back done where it belongs. (Sorry I can't be more specific). Things were still the same though. She is dilated to 3, which isn't good. They can't do a cerclage because the bag of waters is bulging. She is only 21 weeks along, and they don't give steroids until 24 weeks. So she is hoping to hold on for 3 more weeks until the girls have chance for survival. She lost her first daughter about 10 months ago. I am being very optimistic because I just can't imagine loosing three daughters in less than a year. She says she feels very calm, and isn't panicky at all. She's very strong.

Keep the positive thoughts coming.

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Kristy said...

sending all the positive thoughts, best wishes and Belly Whispers I can muster...

xo Hang in there little ones!