Friday, April 22, 2011


The documentary Invisible Children is forever imprinted on my soul. I don't say that lightly. It is something that literally haunts me. The image of hundred of children sleeping stacked up against each other, in public places, with the hopes of safety in numbers and they wouldn't be kidnapped... I can't forget it. The images of people whose lips, ears, noses and hands were cut off. Once you see it, it never leaves you.

In 2003, three friends traveled to Uganda to make a film about what was happening there. What they saw "disgusted and inspired" them. Children were being abducted and forced into the rebel army. Entire boarding schools were being kidnapped. Could you imagine?  Kidnapping an entire school? We can't even fathom it. It's beyond our comprehension.

These three friends discovered thousands of children known at the "night walkers". To avoid being kidnapped these children fled their villages and wandered in packs at night. When they slept, they huddled in large groups often in public places hoping they wouldn't be kidnapped in their sleep.

When the filmmakers came back home they created the documentary Invisible Children, because that is what these children were trying to be: invisible.

The film brought attention to what was happening to these kids. Most people would have patted themselves on the back and went on with their lives, but these three friends didn't stop there. They created a non-profit called Invisible Children and have done amazing things in Uganda.

Today the rebels are not in Uganda. There are no more "night walkers". However, the rebels have moved into  neighboring areas that are even more desolate.

This is the 25th year the war has been going on. The founders of Invisible Children believe the war is going to end this year. They are asking people to join the 25 Campaign. On April 25th they are asking people to be silent for the day. If a whole day isn't possible, for 25 minutes, or even 25 seconds. They are asking participants to raise $25 to donate to Invisible Children.

There is no way I can be silent for an entire day, but I think I can manage 25 minutes. At the very least I can pull of 25 seconds!

(Below is the full length documentary. The video is only available until April 29.)

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