Saturday, April 2, 2011


This story has been in the news in my state lately. A 13 year old girl was taken to the hospital after being sick. She lives in a very small town and the hospital there doesn't handle obstetrics so when they discovered that her "illness" was related to pregnancy they transfered her to a larger hospital. At the larger hospital it was discovered she has had recently given birth.

The baby was found dead in the attic of her friend's home.

As if that wasn't horrible enough it seems like everyday more craziness comes out.

The next day we find out she is pregnant by a 16 year old. Then we find out he has the same last name as her and they are related (No one will confirm how they are related. They don't want to make a "bad situation worse".) and lived in the same home.

The autopsy revealed the baby was stillborn.

Next thing you know the family is in the news again because their house was unfit to live in. They haven't had electricity in over a year, and didn't have running water. Eleven dogs were confiscated and a few had to be put to sleep because they were in such poor shape. She gave birth to the baby at a friends house because that is where she was staying because of the condition of her home. They had to force her parents to leave the house because they wouldn't leave.

It seems like everyday there is something new, and my heart just breaks for this poor girl.

What a horrible situation to be in. She either didn't know she was pregnant or hid her pregnancy, and gave birth alone to a dead baby. I can't imagine how horrible that must be. Then to have it on the news 10 times a day. The town she lives in is so small, everyone knows and rumors are flying. Her home life sounds like a nightmare. Her entire life is a nightmare right now.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on this tragedy. My heart hurts for this poor girl. I really hope she gets the help she needs.

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Marie Anne said...

What a truly horrific situation, all the way around. All too often birth isn't the happy event it should be.

I'm sorry for your own loss. I know these things must trigger.

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bendedspoon said...

That must be traumatic for her (or to anyone else). Praying for her...

Have a blessed day :)

Anonymous said...

A Hootie Hoot has left a new comment on your post "BIRTH":

Such a sad story and, unfortunately, not an uncommon one in this day and age. Really hope she does get the help she needs and that someone looks out for her best interest.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Thanks for telling me about your bee hive in the backyard. I bet that is a pretty cool experience to have them rushing back to the hive all around you

super single mom and her side kids said...

I just hope she is strong enough to rise above all of that and become a survivor..
Just horrible to have to deal with all of that when you are only 13.
I often question why God allows such things to happen..

Inside Out said...

My wife and I are currently going through the process to become foster parents and are sadly discovering that similar cases are far too common, though not as extreme as this one.
My Blog

Anonymous said...

Such a sad situation. :(

welcome to my world of poetry said...

A very sad situation for what should have been a wonderful occasion.

Thanks for commenting, much appreciated.

Suzy said...

That poor girl. I cannot even imagine the life she has led. I sincerely hope her life can improve from here on out - that she can rise above her tragic start in life. I cannot imagine how scared she must have been, especially when the baby was born still, how confused she must have been. I hope the media circus dies down too - that must be so much worse, having your whole life played out through the media, being judged like that.