Sunday, May 3, 2009


My parents were divorced when I was in kindergarten. I remember when my mom told me they were getting a divorce. They had lived apart for serveral years, and when she told me they wouldn't be married anymore it really didn't matter to me. They hadn't lived together for as long as I could remember so it wasn't anything different. They still got along after their divorce. I don't think they hated each other, they just weren't in love. My dad lived an hour away, but he would come on the weekends and take us to his house or stay and visit. I remember memorial days where he was at my maternal grandparent's house eating with us. I also remember my mom going to my paternal grandma's house for family dinner. They got along, if nothing else for the kids. That is something that I am greatful for because I hear horror stories of divorced parents, and I can not relate at all. I don't remember one time that my parents ever yelled at each other. Never.

I would need to post 100 posts to tell you the whole story of my parents. It's long and complicated at times. I'll just say that we all survived my teenage years, and (luckily!) we still like each other. Actually, we love each other.

Yes, that is little me in the pictures below.


JenJen said...

Thank you for sharing your family with us!

mrsmuelly said...

Love the cute blonde hair! Thanks for sharing.