Saturday, May 30, 2009


We went camping last weekend and had tons of fun. While the kids were swimming I relaxed in a lawn chair and "people watched". There were a woman who caught my attention. She was in the water and her husband brought a baby to her. She kissed and loved all over that baby, and her mother another young woman sat by the pool and watched her with the baby. This baby was the center of this family's world. You could just see how much joy they got from him. It was also obvious that this baby was adopted because the rest of the family was white and he wasn't.

But none of that was the reason I notice that woman.

As she was sitting on the steps directly in front of me, she was watching the toddlers get into the pool. A look crossed her face. It's a look I know well. It was a look of pain, and sadness. A look of what should have been. I knew instantly that this woman had struggled with infertility. It was obvious. Once her husband brought her the baby it became even more clear.

CLC touched on this in her blog also.

We all have stories.

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CLC said...

In reference to your comment on my blog, I do remember telling you this last year. It's just hard to always keep that in perspective. It's something I need to work harder at.