Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Please note that I totally stole this information off from Yahoo News. I don't have the time to look this stuff up.

Take a look at the food below. The first one is the portion 20 years ago, and the second is the portion now. Yikes!

Bagles used to be 3 inches in diameter. Now they are 6!

A turkey sandwich used to be 320 calories. Now it's more than 800!

A cheeseburger used to be 333 calores. Now it's 590!

This one pains me the most. I love pasta. Spaghetti and meatballs used to be 500 calories. Now it's more than 1,000 (and that includes TWO CUPS of sauce)!

To hear it said is suprising, but to see a picture is shocking. I'm going to think twice about "cleaning my plate" from now on.


mrsmuelly said...

Maybe I won't make my little girl clean her plate then!

Heather said...

Well that, and of course we all a very good reason to emotionally eat right now! :s Ok, that's my excuse anyhow. I'm going to steal this an post it on my weight loss blog. Thanks for sharing.