Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been tagged by one of my fav bloggers CLC.

Seven weird facts about myself. There are so many to choose from, how will I narrow it down to just seven?

1. I can not sleep with my back facing to the outside of the bed. Even if I am the only person in the bed, my back can not face the closest side of the bed. I have had this fear since I was a child that someone was going to creep up on me while I was sleeping. (Thanks grandma for letting me watch all those scary movies when I was SIX- namely Poltergeist! )

2. Speaking of my grandma- she LOVES a good dirty joke. The dirtier the better. She has made my husband blush on more than one occasion. He won't even take the phone anymore when she wants to tell him a joke. There are just some words that are very wrong when coming out of an old lady's mouth.

3. I love to do the laundry. I don't know what it is. I think maybe it's linked to childhood memories or something but I really love washing clothes. There is nothing better to me than slipping into bed on freshly washed linens.

4. Loose teeth make me feel sick. Really. When my son has a loose tooth he taunts me with it because he knows it makes my stomach turn.

5. (I'm sorta stealing this one from CLC) I kind of have a sixth sense. No I'm not psychic, but I do get these feelings. Like one day a few years ago I woke up and I felt this feeling of dread. All day I couldn't shake it. We had an ice storm and lost power. I went to my mom's house. The phone rang and I just knew it was bad news. It was my stepdaughter- a tree had fallen on her car while she was in it. When I was pregnant with Brenna I just could not imagine bringing her home. I tried to picture it but I just couldn't. My mom was shopping with me and wanted to buy stuff for my shower but I stopped her. I just somehow knew. Just like I have this feeling that if/when I have another baby- everything will be OK. I have none of the fear that other people have talked about. I just have a feeling that everything will turn out OK. I have really learned to trust my gut and not second guess myself anymore.

6. I use salt on almost everything I eat. Pizza, hamburgers, spaghetti, chicken, mac and cheese, eggplant... you name it, I salt it. The list of things I don't salt is much shorter.

7. Poor table manners make me nauseous. This is probably because my mom and step dad were so big on table manners when I was growing up. People who talk or chew with their mouth full disgust me. (I had a boss who ate like this and it literally made me gag). Slurping soup/hot drinks makes me skin crawl.

OK. Now I tag No Swimmers, Jaded, Little Miss Hopeful, Allison, Mrs. Mother, Kristi, Jen


CLC said...

I feel the same way about #7!! I can't stand when I see food flying out of people's mouths. It makes me lose my appetite immediately!

jaded said...

thanks for tagging me. i will work on it today. i love your grandmother! she reminds me of my own. i also HATE bad manners. I think it was because i was raised to behave 'like a little lady'.

Aunt Becky said...

I love laundry, too! It makes me feel so accomplished.