Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Library Lady: Do you own a daycare?

Me: No, I'm just helping out my husband's cousin.

Library Lady: Do you have any children.

Me: My son is almost 12 and my stepdaughter was just here. That little guy right there is hers. (Que guilt about not mentioning my other daughter. You know, the dead one.)

Library Lady: Well, it's good that you don't have any little ones at home. It would be too much after dealing with all these little ones.

At this point I run over and narrowly avert some fake crisis to get away from this poor lady who has no idea what she's just done to me.



The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

((smack)) <---- that's to the lady at the library for saying something dumb..

mrsmuelly said...

Ouch is right. Those situations are always so hard...especially because the people that cause the "situation" don't realize they've done anything. Brenna knows that your mini crisis was for she loves her mommy.

Kristy said...

ouch for sure...
Just another day in the life of being Mum to an Angel huh...

*hugs* xo