Tuesday, July 7, 2009


If you know me IRL you know that I tend to have many opinions. I usually keep them to myself unless you ask, or unless the situation requires my intervention.

This whole Michael Jackson thing is one of those time I just can't keep my opinions to myself. I've tried. Let's face it, it's really none of my business, and I don't know him. All I know is what I read or see on TV (which has been A LOT these days).

I can't help but feel that since his death MJ has been turned into some sort of saint. It really bothers me that the same people who had convicted him in the media five years ago, are now singing his praises and crying for him on TV.

I'm not going to debate whether he was a child molester. The truth is I don't know- and neither do any of you. None of us were there. The crap you see on TV isn't enough to form an educated opinion on. (Although there are many things that make me wonder.)

All I do know is that MJ had a tragic life. I have no doubt that he was an abused child who didn't get a childhood. (His father used his death as a tool to promote a record lable! How sad.) I have no doubt that this damaged him in some way. He obviously had issues. It is not normal for a 44 year old man to sleep in the same bed as children and call it "charming". I don't care who you are- that is not normal.

But he did not live a normal life. He surrounded himself with people who would never tell him no. He could have whatever he wanted in this world, and there was never anyone to tell him it was wrong, or too much, or abnormal. He wanted a moneky, he got one. He wanted kids, he (in my opinion) bought them. I really think that he did not understand the normal boundaries that you and I understand.

I also think that he had a soft heart. I think he felt sorry for people who were less fortunate than he was. I truly feel that he did some wonderful things with his money. He knew what it was like to be abused. I think he connected with children who had suffered like he did. I do not think he knew how to be an adult. He was very child-like.

Would I trust him to be around my children?


Because I just don't know.

What I do know is that he lived the last 45 years under a microscope. He lived with abuse and ridicule that none of us could ever imagine. We salivated over stories of his strange life, and plastic surgery. We laughed at and mocked him. Even the birth of his children came under ridicule.

I don't think any of us could endure this and come out "normal".

I did not watch his memorial service. The only part I saw was his poor daughter Paris. Watching that made me realize that Michael Jackson was not just some weirdo we could laugh at. His children's life will never be the same. I couldn't help but think that if the stories are true, they are better off without him. My heart literally breaks for those children. Seeing his daughter break down, and the two boys in the background... the look on his youngest son's face brought tears to my eyes.

What didn't bring tears to my eyes is all the "celebrities" who stood up there and professed their love of MJ. These were the same people who avoided him like the plague just a few years ago. Now that he is dead, it's OK to love him again.

There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was a very talented man. I can't imagine what MTV would be like if it weren't for the Thriller video. He made a lasting impact on this world.

Not many people can say that.

Now, let's let Michael Jackson rest in peace, and focus our energy on some people who deserve it.


margaret said...

That poor little girl. Despite the rumours and gossip and drama surrounding Michael Jackson's death, that poor child has lost her father. My heart breaks for her and his boys, only because no child should have to grow up without their parents, just as no parent should have to grow old without their child. Hugs

Sue Z said...

I hate that the children were paraded out in public after spending their lives under veils and behind masks. It seems like that would be the last thing their father would want. MJ is all that you say and probably more. I see him as a tragic figure, most likely mentally ill, almost certainly drug addicted, with mental and physical pain...but these dear children ... how can they ever live a normal life in the shadow of their father and under the care of the wacky Jackson family. I wish that they could be adopted by a loving anonymous family.

Breanna said...

I agree with everything you have said. Im so glad that all of this is over. He did have a tragic life and i feel bad for his family and children, but nobody really talked about the "case" and things like that. Just because he died does not mean that all of that just disappears. kwim

Lola said...

I agree with almost all of your points. Although I found Paris' words very sad, I was more than a tad bit annoyed at Janet for interrupting her and telling her to speak up when she was pouring out her heart so publically. Reminded me of what it must have been like to grow up with Joe for a father.

Let's hope that they get to have some kind of a normal life from now on.