Saturday, June 13, 2009


The April Rose saga continues. I don't know whether I should pity Beccah Rose Beushausen or be angry at her.

I can't help but feel very sorry for her because she is obviously deeply disturbed.

On the other hand I am sickened that she has received all this attention! She was featured in the Chicago Tribune and ABC News for crying out loud!,0,5601624.story?page=1

When I read that this had happened I posted about it because it was kind of shocking that someone could carry on this type of lie for so long. I did not realize the extent of her lie. I did not realize that she actually reported the birth- and death- of her "daughter". Just typing those words makes me sick to my stomach. She preyed on all of us who have lost a child, who are so willing to reach out and help another mother who is facing the same crisis. I fear that our community has become jaded. I fear that when there is a new mother in need, we will be hesitant to come to their rescue.

This is the blog world. We can be who ever we want to be when we sit at our keyboard. We alone choose what we do and don't share. We shape the perception that our readers have of us. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I like to think that the majority of the things I read in deadbabyland are true.

For the record, I will tell you that I don't believe for one second that Beccah started this hoax to raise awareness to the pro life movement. There is no way. She went out of her way to contact MckMamma at mycharmingkids and ask her to direct traffic to her blog. She accepted money from several people that I know of. The only reason I can see why someone would do this, is because they are benefiting financially from it. Even if she was making two cents a hit on her blog- with all the hits her blog had that would be more the $15,000!

I would also like to point out that I believe she was the only person involved in this scam. The Pass Pregnancy Care Center had no idea she was asking for donation on their behalf.,061309hoaxerside.article

I'm done talking about this now. I've been thinking about it for the past few days, and I just felt that I needed to clear the air before I moved on.

***Edited to add***
I just saw this on Blogher and it looks like Beccah won't be getting any money from them.


JenJen said...

The whole situation is sad. She is certainly a troubled soul and I hope she does get the help she needs.

Foreverloves said...

I am so incredibly sickened by this. I can't believe it got the attention that it is, and I just feel ill over the whole thing.

Inanna said...

Wow, I hadn't even heard about it. It's really disturbing behavior. Esp because her friend actually DID lose a baby... insensitive doesn't even come close. Inhuman is more like it.