Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Not Me Monday Tuesday.

I did not feel guilty for working late, and let my son stay up late last night.

I did not pay for it this morning when he wouldn't get up.

I am not tired of writing about my dog rolling in poop because she did not do it again yesterday.
(Seriously, I have no idea why she is doing this and if anyone had a suggestion as to how to stop this I would love to hear it.)

I did not eat Spaghetti-o's With Meatballs for dinner last night.

I defiantly did not pick out the meatballs and feed them to the dog.

I certainly didn't buy my whole family (including the dogs!) matching 4th of July shirts from Old Navy. That would be very nerdy. Even for me.


Amy, queen of the world. said...

I don't blame you for picking out the meatballs.... they're gross. lol

mrsmuelly said...

Matching shirts...really!!!