Sunday, June 28, 2009


I read on Yahoo (my only source of news) that Billy Mays (the Oxi Clean guy) died. I was just watching a commercial of his. I hardly ever see commercials anymore (thank you DVR) but I was watching one of his and I wondered why he was yelling every word. It was like he was so geeked up by the Kaboom that he couldn't contain himself. He did have an energy that I admired though. The article I read said he died in his sleep. If I had to choose, that's how I would want to go.


Update on my missing dog: Someone contacted me this morning and said her mom lives a few miles away from me. She said that her mom had a female chihuahua that looked a lot like ours, and that her's was also stolen from her yard. It happened Saturday while she was having a yard sale. I am really, really bothered by this. It was almost more comforting when I thought he was probably dead. At least then I knew he wasn't afraid, and no one was hurting or neglecting him. Now I wonder what kind of wierdo he is with, and hope that they aren't being mean to him.

I keep asking my husband why couldn't they have taken our bad dog. Why'd they take the good one?


Aunt Becky said...

I'm shockingly distressed by the loss of Billy Mays. And the theft of your dog is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Did you contact the police?