Thursday, June 3, 2010


My grandma is in a rehab facility right now. I went to see her Tuesday night, and she was in good spirits. I think she actually liked being with other people her age. She seemed to enjoy having people to talk to all day. I was nervous to go there because I pictured the nightmare that we were forced to admit my mother in law to the week before she died. (It was awful, it smelled like pee and people were just sitting around the halls in wheel chairs drooling on themselves.) This place is nothing like that. It's nice and clean, the people are friendly, and Grandma is well taken care of. It was such a relief.

Also, my brother had a spinal tap last week, and the doctor isn't meeting with him until July to go over the results (I know, right?). I'm guess that if it was something serious he'd be seeing him right away. So I'm feeling better about that also.

Now, if I could just get the bitch at work under control...

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