Monday, June 28, 2010


Monday Minute

I saw this on Motherhood The Sequel and decide to give it a go.

Has anyone you've known personally lived to at least 100?

My husband's grandfather lived to be 100. I did not meet him, he passed away the week we started dating.

What material possession do you value the most?

Let me put it this way: If my house burned down tomorrow, the thing I absolutely could not replace is Brenna's memory box. Those things are precious to me, and while they are probably worthless money-wise, they are the thing I treasure (along with my kids baby books). Second would be my wedding band, followed by a ruby dragonfly necklace from my mom and a ring from my hubby.

What do you think happens to us after we die?

I completely believe in the bible. I think we go to heaven or hell.

Most embarrassing item in your house?

I don't really have anything I'm embarassed to own. I do have a few things I'd be embarassed if someone found. Let's just say the belong in the adult toy catagory. 'Nuf said.

If you could rename yourself, what would your name be?

I would leave my first name as it is. (I've actually grown to like it). But I would change my last name to just my husband's last name. I hyphenated when we got married, and now I wish I never did that.


Breanna said...

I love your embarrassing item.. hehehe I think everyone has at least one of those items =)

Miss Felicity said...

Seeing that picture of your precious lil Brenna makes me sad. I lost my baby at 16 wks pregnant in March. Was in such shock cause it happened at home that I accidentally donated her to science. No one even offered for me to keep her, or hold a service. i wish I could have wrapped her up in a blanket and kisses her good bye rather than putting her in a baggy into my purse while I bled half to death to the hospital. Really sad. Anyways, how far along were you? She looks like my lil precious one. Hope all is well xox