Saturday, May 15, 2010


I dream often of having a baby. It's never her, but in my dreams I'm pregnant and often give birth to a little girl.

Last night I dreamt we adopted a little boy. He was was 3 or 4 and had a cherub face and blond hair. We drove to Indiana to adopt him. I distinctly remember telling my mom and step-dad we were adopting, and introducing them to him. Everyone fell in love with him right away, and I was so happy. We named him Nathan. My son and step-daughter loved him. I was so excited to have him in our family.

I woke up feeling so happy.

This dream has stayed with me all day today. I've thought about it often. It doesn't necessarily bother me, but it has left me feeling... unsettled? Uneasy? I'm not sure what the word is. It's just weighed heavily on my mind today.

I think that our dreams are often our subconscious trying to work through something.

I have not thought of having another baby for a long time. Why am I still dreaming like this? Am I going to dream like this forever?

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