Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I know that I am not the only person who can't stand the freaking Duggars. Not only do they have 19 kids, they had a 25-weeker survive, and Mrs. Duggar had at least 13 successful VBACs! I know too many mothers who have lost their baby to uterine rupture from one VBAC attempt- and this lady gets to do is 13 times? I'm sorry, I find it so irritating. Then I hear how they want another baby!?! They are considering adoption because apparently Mrs. Duggar isn't getting any younger.

I am the type of person who like to find out why someone does something. What makes us tick? I can not help but wonder what makes these people feel the need to have baby, after baby, after baby. Part of me wonders if it's the publicity. Of course they love their children, who doesn't? But maybe they also love the fact that each new baby comes with lots of media attention. They are famous for being fertile.

My mom's fertile too, no one gave her a television show!

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Maureen said...

I agree with you 100%. I find the Duggars to be obnoxious, arrogant, and selfish people. I know lots of people come to their defense saying they're doing a fine job raising their kids. The only problem is they're NOT raising their kids. Their older kids are raising their younger kids while they're out chasing publicity. UGH!!! I could go on about them but that's the gist of how I feel.

On a different note, I'm so sorry for all you've gone through. I've had 4 c-sections and never experienced a rupture or loss of a baby. I can only imagine what a frightening experience it was for you. You have a beautiful little girl waiting for you in heaven.