Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please Donate

I had to share this because, well, reading it just broke my heart. Literally.

"This year I am so excited to participate in my second March for Babies - and it means even more to me this year, since last year Madeline was in the hospital and couldn't participate. This year (fingers crossed) she'll be marching along in her stroller with us."

This was written by Heather, Maddie's mom. Her goal was $3,000 and just three days ago she had not yet reached it. Today she is close to $20,000! I was going to do this for Brenna, but instead, I ask you to go over and donate in memory of Maddie.

Click Here

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Foreverloves said...

I've actually been so pleased to see so many people donating to the March for Babies. I actually donated to a woman who lost twins last year around the same time i lost mine. I wish I could do this, but it's not safe because I'm expecting.