Thursday, August 26, 2010


We are remodeling our bathroom. It's the bathroom that our son uses, but also the guest bathroom so I'm trying to make it nice, but not too girly. I found this online:

If you have read for any length of time you know that dragonflies are my thing when it comes to Brenna. I have a few necklaces that are dragonfly (one really nice one from my mother), and various other dragonfly items that make me think of her. (For more look here.)

I struggled with the decision to purchase these dragonfly bathroom accessories. They aren't my favorite, and they are kind of feminine, which doesn't work for a boys bathroom. For the first time ever, I felt conflicted between my son and my daughter. I actually felt like I was betraying her. Like I had to purchase this because it was dragonfly and dragonflies remind me of her. For some ridiculous reason I felt like had to choose him or her.

It mazes me that two years later these things still come up.

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butterflymom said...

And they probably always just won't consume your life as much. It's sweet that you found something that could remind you of her. It might be a nice thing to have in your son's bathroom, so that he can remember her too. ((hugs to you))