Monday, September 7, 2009


My week went something like this:

Worked a 50 hour work week.

Went school clothes shopping where I had to force my son to pick something out. Anything! "You can't go to school naked" I reminded him about 100 times. I took him to American Eagle and told him he could pick out anything he wanted. He picked out two tee shirts. I hated them both.

Bought myself a pair of Nike Shox. I thought they would be weird to wear, but actually they are pretty comfy. Especially when I have to be on my feet all day.

Gave all three dogs a bath. Blow dried two of them.

I went to the drive-in movies with my husband, son, and grandson. We saw two movies. One was G-Force, the other Post Grad. I have no idea why they were showing these movies together because Post Grad was obviously not a movie for kids. But by the Post Grad showed the little guy was asleep, and our 12 year old has probably heard worse things on TV so it wasn't horrible. I wouldn't watch either of those movies again by the way.

Switched cell phone providers. Let's see if I like this one.

As previously posted I hit a deer, or rather, a deer hit me.

Checked out new cars (see above).

Nursed the wound on one of my dogs. She got into a fight with a skunk. The skunk won. Not only did she stink, she has a would on her leg. Poor baby, I feel so bad for her. She was trying to protect our chickens. Pepe La Pew wanted to eat them.

Ate an entire jar of kalamata olives in one day.

Watched two other movies on Video On Demand: State of Play and Duplicity. I like these movies significantly better than the ones was saw at the drive in.

Slept in until 10 am for the past three days.

Looked at about 30 new blogs. I really miss blog-surfing!

Cleared out my Google Read, and my in box. Both were in the 300's.

Right now, I'm eating a few cheez-its while I type this. Then I'm headed to bed.

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