Thursday, April 12, 2012


I've written before that I was laid off by a nightmare of a boss last year. I've been going to school and have one semester left until I graduate.

A few days ago someone from my field (a competitor of my old company) contacted me and asked me to apply for a position at their company. This is a great fit for me, and I really liked the people. The problem is that my son goes to a private school and we carpool. His school is an 45 minutes North East of our house, and this position is a half hour south. No where near the school. My mom has volunteered to drive carpool at least once a week for me, which helps, but we are expected to drive a couple times a week.

Right now I drive my son to school twice a week in the mornings. No carpool, just me and him. Those are my favorite mornings, and it makes my heart hurt when I think about not spending those days with him anymore. Many times we don't even talk much, but when your 15 year old spends any amount of time with you- you learn to cherish it! Of course I'll still have the 15 minutes each morning that we drive to carpool, but it's not the same.

My husband and I also want to start our own business, and this job would not allow for that.

I'm just so torn what to do. I would be making about 25% more than I made at my old job... decisions, decisions.

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