Saturday, October 16, 2010


This week has been just crazy. I've haven't been sleeping well; last night I resorted to benedryl. I. Am. EXHAUSTED.

Last Wednesday I took Jen to the doctors. We got to see the baby on 3D ultrasound. He is adorable! Fat chubby cheeks. His estimated weight at 36 weeks was 8 1/2 pounds. (Big baby!) He was breech and her fluid levels were very high (polyhydromnios). We live an hour from the hospital, and the doctors were concerned about cord prolapse. Well, to make a very long story short, after waiting at the hospital all day they decided to do a c-section. Her husband works out of town and would not be back in time, and she asked me to go in with her. I was so excited! They came in and shaved her belly, the anesthesiologist was there. We were minutes from the operating room. Last minute Dr. Fat Fingers (seriously largest hands I've ever seen an OB have) came in and did an ultrasound to check baby's position. Uh-oh. I see a head down by the pelvis. I knew this wasn't going to end with a baby today. It didn't. Sent us home. This made for a very unhappy mama.

Take her to the doctors again this Wednesday. Her fluid levels had went up again! Schedule her for an amnio on Friday and if baby's lungs are OK then an induction. Thursday she has to be taken to the ER because her blood pressure is 80/50. So low she is white at a sheet and can't answer simple questions. She is there all night and they decide to cut to the chase and do the amnio while she's there. Bad news. She's 37 weeks and the baby's lungs are still very immature. The doctor was not completely worried. He said there is the possibility of lab error, but didn't want to chance doing another anmnio. She home she goes again.

At this point the baby is over 9 pounds, she still has 3 weeks to go, and we are worried if he will be able to breath when he is born. Needless to say she is misrable and I am worried. I just keep telling myself it's only a few weeks, it will all be OK in the end, but I can't help but worry...

On a good note, my son got his mid term. Two A+'s! Two B's and all the rest were A's! SO PROUD OF HIM!


Fortune said...

hey. i came across your blog and i wanted to apologize for your loss. I don't know what kind of music you listen to, but here is a song I wanted to share with you.

Suzy said...

oh my goodness what a long week. I am surprised they didnt give her steroids to mature the lungs, its what we did with my last baby. At 36 weeks his lungs were immature but we wanted the baby out asap (alive) so they gave me two rounds of steroids and induced 2 days later. I hope the baby is born really healthy, and soon!

crystal theresa said...

Sending good thoughts to your grandbaby and congrats to your son on his great grades!