Friday, November 6, 2009


Like it or not life goes on. When I started this blog it was about my struggle to move on after the stillbirth of my daughter. I was heart broken, and kept thinking of what life was going to be like without her. I named my blog Living Without Brenna because that was what I was doing. A year and a half later I am still living without her.

But life goes on.

Now I find that I don't always blog about Brenna. I find myself blogging about what's going on in my life, my thoughts on certain topics, my family, personal stories. I like the fact that I can look back over the past year or so and see what I was doing and when I was doing it. I've written things that I never would have remembered if I hadn't written them here. I can go back and read them and I instantly remember it happening.

This is my online journal.

My online journal. It's not always about baby loss. But it is about my life. My life without Brenna. Everything that happens to me will happen without her. I don't feel confined to write solely about her life/death and my feelings about it just because I started writing when she died. I write about my life. I share it publicly because I hope someone will read this and realize that life does go on. But it is my blog. I write what I want and I won't apologize for it. I've had several (what Aunt Becky would call) "trolls" lately. Anonymous commenters (or emailers) who feel the need to point out my poor spelling and/or personality traits. I've always allowed anonymous comments, and I will continue to. I don't make a habit of deleting comments, and I probably won't.

But the fact of the matter is that this is my blog, and if you don't like what I'm writing about you don't have to read it. While I welcome everyone's opinions, I certainly don't appreciate the notion that just because I had a stillborn child that is all I can blog about.

Because life goes on. I am more than just a deadbabymama.


Jayme said...

I hear ya :)

margaret said...

Amen Holli.

Reese said...

It sucks that it has to come to this---that you have to reiterate that this is your space, because certain ANON blog readers seem to get pissed off their needs are not being met. It is not your job to meet anyone's needs.

Keep writing whatever the hell flutters in your mind and needs to be let out, Holli.

Big Hugs,


Emily said...

Right there with you....

The Fabulous Ms. Beth said...

:) amen to that!