Monday, November 23, 2009


When my son was little I would take him on frequent trips back to my home town. The other day we were driving by a restaurant, and he told me he remembered the sign*:

He said he remembered how when he was little he'd tell me that the guy was a "bad boy" because he was shooting people. We laughed about it, because I remember that too.

Yesterday we were driving with my four year old grandson Mason. We drove past that sign, and Mason saw it a block away. "Look at that guy" he said "he's pointing guns at people. That's not nice." I looked at my son and he had a smile on his face. A moment later Mason said, "That guy is a bad boy, isn't he?" I looked over at my son who looked over at me and we smiled to each other.

It was a really great moment.

*I googled this picture, and I can't believe I actually found it!

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