Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Being famous does not automatically lead to a charmed life.

Below are some famous people who have lost children:

  • John F. and Jackie Kennedy, a stillborn daughter Arabella, in 1956 & premature son, Patrick, in 1963.
  • Lamar Odom's six month old son, Jayden, died from SIDS in 2006.
  • Mike Tyson's four year old daughter. Exodus, strangled by a power cord in 2009.
  • Eric Clapton's four year old son, Connor,  fell out of a window in 1991.
  • Vince Neil, of Motley Crue, lost his four year old daughter, Skylar, to cancer 1995.
  • O.J. Simpson's 1 year old daughter, Aaren, drown in the family pool in 1979.
  • Rapper Xzibit's premature son, Xavier, died in 2008.
  • Mark Twain lost his son, Langdon, to diptheria at age 19 months. 
  • Abraham Lincoln had four sons, three of which did not survive to adulthood. 
  • Singer Sonique had a stillborn son. 
  • Senator John Edwards' 17 year old son, Wade, died in a car accident. 
  • Model Kelly Brook lost her daughter during pregnancy this past spring. 
  • Katey Sagal (Peg from Married With Children) had a stillborn daughter, Ruby Jean, in 1991. 
  • Singer Prince & his then wife actress Mayte lost their week old son to a rare genetic disorder in 1996.
  • Actress Amanda Holden gave birth to a stillborn son earlier this year. 
  • Singer Lilly Allen lost a son prematurely in 2010 (and another pregnancy at four months in 2008).
  • Audrey Hepburn had a stillborn child.
  • Yoko Ono had a stillborn son, John Ono Lennon II, in 1968.
  • Jane Pratt (founder of Jane and Sassy magazines) had stillborn twins in 2005.
  • Oprah Winfrey had a son in 1968 who only lived two weeks. 
  • Rick Schroeder and wife Andrea Bernard had a child that was stillborn in 2004
  • English Prime Minister Gordon Brown lost his premature daughter, Jennifer Jane, in 2002.
  • Supermodel Linda Evangelista had a stillborn child in 1999. 
  • Rev Run of Run DMC and wife Justine lost their daughter, Victoria, shortly after birth in 2006 due to a genetic disease. 
  • Keanu Reeves and his then girlfriend Jennifer Syme had a daughter, Ava, who was stillborn in 1999.
  • Keith Richards and actress Anita Pallenberg had a son, Tara, who died at 3 moths of age due to SIDS.
  • Luciano Povarotti & his wife had twins 2003. Their daughter survived, but their son, Riccardo, was stilborn. 
  • Vice President Joe Biden's one year old daughter, Amy, died in a car accident (along with his wife) in 1972.
  • English singer and actress Kym Marsh had a son, Archie Jay, who died shortly after birth in 2009.
  • Singer Annie Lennox had a son, Daniel, who was stillborn in 1988.
  • Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife had a stillborn son in 1964.
  • Famous parents Joe and Katherine Jackson had a stillborn son, Brandon, in 1957 (twin to Marlon). 
  • Reality TV star Jane Goody lost twins in 2007- one was miscarried and a daughter, Summer, was stillborn.
  • Barbara Eden of I Dream of Jeannie had a stillborn child in 1971.
  • John Travolta and Kelly Preston lost their 16 year old son, Jett, in early 2009. 
  • Roy Orbison's two young sons died in a house fire in 1968 (he lost his wife two years before that in a motorcycle accident). 
  • Anothony Quinn's first child, Christopher, drown in a neighbor's swimming pool at age 2. (The neighbor was W.C. Fields). 
  • Lou Costello of Abbot and Costello lost his son, Lou Jr. (Butch) to a drowning accident. He died two days before his first birthday in 1943.
  • George and Barbara Bush lost their two year old daughter, Robin, to leukemia in 1953.
  • Singer Steve Harwell of Smashmouth lost his 6 month old son, Prestley, to lukemia in 2001. 
  • Mary Wilson of the Supremes lost her 14 year old son, Rafael, in a car accident 1994. (Apparently while fleeing an earthquake, although I can't confirm that).
  • Robert Plant lead singer of Led Zeppelin had a five year old son, Karac, who died of a virus in 1977.
  • Red Skelton's 10 year old son, Richard Jr., died from lukemia in 1958.
  • Jerry Lee Lewis's three year old son, Steve, drown in 1962. (He also lost his 19 year old son in a car accident in 1973.)
  • George Strait's 13 year old daughter, Jenifer, died in a car accident in 1986.
  • John Walsh's 6 year old son, Adam, was kidnapped and murdered in 1981.
  • Charlie Chaplin's son, Norman, died when he was 3 days old in 1919. 
  • UK Star Sara Parish lost her eight month old daughter, Ella-Jayne, to a heart defect in 2009.
  • Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and then girlfriend Maryann Faithful had a stillborn daughter, Corrina, in 1968.
  • Writer Anne Rice's daughter, Michele, died from leukemia in 1972 at age 5. 
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneer kicker Matt Bryant lost his three month old son to SIDS in 2008. 

This list doesn't include those who've suffered from miscarriages or the death of their adult children. 

You are not alone. 


Jayme said...

I wish more of these parents would speak out about their children, and help child loss not be the taboo that it is.

Funsize said...

Thank you for posting this list. I knew of Lily Allen's loss, there are so many on the list I had no idea of. I wish these people, who have the platform to reach so many people, would open up and talk about their losses.