Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I talked before about how my son wants to go to a private school. I also talked about how my husband and I are both currently unemployed. Obviously, we didn't think my son would be able to go to a private high school since we couldn't afford it.

My kid really wants to go to this school. It's not because of his friends. Most of them are going to public school. It's not because of a girl. It's because he feels this school would give him a great academic base and would jump start his education.

How do you argue with that?

(Also, where did this kid come from? Education was the last think my husband and I were thinking about when we were his age!)

So, we are taking a leap of faith. We found out some financial assistance/scholarship money is available. We have applied for it, and things are looking good for him. He is enrolling in the private high school.

As a parent I have learned to go with my gut. I feel in my heart that this is the place my son is supposed to be. The school he goes to now has been a tremendous blessing for our family, and I hope that this new school will be the same.

I could really use some prayers and positive thoughts. This money for school would be the answer to our prayers.


TanaLee Davis said...

I hope the best for your family and son.

Rae said...

Will definitely be praying for you!

Jayme said...

Fingers crossed it all works out beautifully for you guys! What a great opportunity :)