Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm not happy to tell you this, but I'm fat. I partly blame my PCOS (which I'll post about tomorrow) and I mostly blame myself. I used to be very, very thin. After I had my son I noticed that I was breaking out like a teenager, and my hormones went nuts. I lost the weight right away after he was born. But then I started having irregular periods, lots of ovarian cysts, and weight gain. I'm kind of mad that none of my doctors put these symptoms together and diagnosed me (I ended up diagnosing myself and taking my suspicions to my doctor!). I'd like to blame all the weight gain on my PCOS, but the truth is it's my fault.

I like food. I don't like sweets or candy, I like dinner! I like to eat out. I also don't get as much exercise as I should. Before I moved out here to the country I walked or rode my bike all the time. Out here there aren't sidewalks and I live on a main road. I actually have to get into my car and drive somewhere so I can go for a walk! It's kind of ridiculous! But there are other things I can do for exercise and I know it.

We bought a Wii Fit a while ago and I used it today. It mocked me. (My grandson asked me why my Mii Character had it's belly hanging out!!!) I was also surprised to realize I hadn't used it in over 200 days. In fact, before today I used it twice.

I see unflattering pictures of myself and I want to delete them all. Wouldn't it just be easier to lose the weight?

We've been making subtle changes around here. We've been planning out a menu each week, and sticking to actually cooking rather than going out for dinner. (We still usually go out on the weekends.) It's not only saving money, it's healthier. My husband and I have made a pact that we will workout on the Wii at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes each time. I've basically cut out soda. I don't buy it anymore. After a few days, I don't even want it! I do still have one occasionally, but I'd say I went from drinking 3-5 a day to drinking 1-2 a week. It's a big improvement.

We are going to Hawaii in July. I've set a goal for myself to loose 20 pounds in three months. I'd like to lose more by I want to keep my goal attainable. I also want to be accountable, so I've added a ticker at the top of this blog. Every time I come here I will see that thing staring at me, and I'll know that you all know if I'm not doing what I said I'd do.

Here goes nothing. Today is the day.

And, as your reward for reading this incredibly boring post. One of those "unflattering" pictures I was telling you about:

And you thought I was exaggerating.


Amy, queen of the world. said...

This picture does NOT count. Anybody taking a picture from the bottom up looks bigger than they are! If you want to be more healthy, more power to ya girl. But I am boycotting the title of this post because.. well... I don't think you're fat! :)

I've heard that Wii Fit is a rude dude! My husband's good friend just got one and he said it groaned when he stepped on!! LOL That would soooo not be motivating to me.

B's Mom said...

It told me I was living large! It also had me guess my weight, and I guessed 10 pounds heavier than I thought I was.

I was right on target. Boo.

JenJen said...

I agree with Amy! That is a very unforgiving angel!

I have the same problem as to eat but hate exercising! Good luck with your goals and I'll be cheering you on from the coach :)

Connie's Confessions said...

I am with you on that one. I love taking pictures. Photography is my thing, but I HATE pictures of myself and always delete them except for a few with my son. And I groan with disgust every time I see them but I don't want my son thinking in the future that I never took pictures with him. I am considering getting the wii fitness too for my birthday. I need to lose like 50 pounds. I want to be in pictures with my son so bad and feel good about it. I also want to look sexier for my husband. Sex changes for you when you think you are fat. *sigh*

Suzy said...

Haha I'm pretty sure that angle would make for an unflattering photo of even the skinniest of women!

We used to do a meal plan like that and it worked SO WELL - not only for our health but our stress level, knowing what was for dinner each night. We've been so slack lately we need to go back to it.

And the Wii fit is mean, dont listen to it! That noise it makes when you are overweight I HATE IT! The first time it told me I was overweight I was so upset I wanted to cry!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey. I've been trying to lose weight myself. The similarities we have are ridiculous. I too have PCOS, I drank soda beyond my means, I see my pictures & wonder who is that lady & why does she look like a swollen me, the grocery list for meals & eating in all week. Weekends like you, we eat out. Even then I try 2 eat better.

While I don't have the Wii system. I'm trying to take walks every evening. I have a pedometer & my dr. said 10,000 steps a day is a goal I should try to keep. It's hard being that I work in an office & sit @ a desk all day. Short walks around the building on breaks are rare but something I try to do.

Anyways. This comment has turned into a letter. I just wanted to pop in & wish u luck. I've been a "lurker" for a while. I think this is my first comment. Guess I made it a long one. :)

Have a great day!

Christi in California

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Anonymous said...

after reading it,I feel so guilty, about my wife, she's also fat, sometime I rude to her..