Friday, July 22, 2011


We are having a heatwave here in Michigan. It is so hot and humid here you can't even breathe. My air conditioners couldn't keep up with the heat, so we decided to shut off the bedrooms and at least let them be cooled down. Seriously, it's so hot here that during the day I think it's safe to say my air conditioned bedroom was at least 80 degrees!

In an effort to stay busy while locked up in my bedroom (my son is away at camp and hubby is off to work) I decided to organize my closets. Now, let me tell you, I love a good "deal". I never pay retail for anything. (Not even my wedding dress!) I use that to justify why I buy so much. I love to shop. I almost get a high off from it. I love news things. I don't necessarily buy very expensive things, but I buy a lot.

I don't think I realize how much stuff I actually bought until I started organizing the closets. I use to have it set up so that all my "casual" pants (khakis and such) were folded up on shelves. Well, I got a closet unit and it gave me twice the hanger space, so I hung all my pants up on hangers. I'm not sure I like this new way because the majority of my clothes are staring right at me when I open the closet door. No more ignoring them on the shelves. Not counting jeans (or what was in the wash) I had 27 pairs of pants. My husband counted because he was appalled. I think that sounds like a lot, but I'm not sure that's so out of the ordinary. I probably have about 15 pairs of jeans, and I'd say 10 pairs of sweats, and only 5 pairs of shorts. Add it together it sounds like a lot. Look at it in my closet, not so much.

Which leads me to the question: How much is normal? How many pieces of clothing does the average woman have?


A Frazzled Mommy said...

I go between sizes quickly, so I have a variety of clothes in sizes. Usually at least 3 pairs of capris in each size, 3-4 pairs of jeans in each size, 3 pairs of slacks in each size. And I love dresses, so I have at least 15 dresses that will fit me as I gain and lose weight and look nice either way. Don't let anybody tell you that you have to much (or not enough). I think finding stuff on a deal is great.


Susurro Interno said...


I am new on this, and i have read your blog and what is about...

Lot to learn from you!

Keep on! ;)

Lynnette Kraft said...

Hi there. I just wanted you to know that I read your story about Brenna and my heart goes out to you. Hugs from a fellow mommy who has experienced the pain of heartache.